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I sometimes joke to my wife that we should wear our “cammo” to town to blend in.  Usually it’s “forest” cammo , and it is common to see “blaze” red… or lately blue.  Lot of hunters in the local community.. but sometimes I think it is just “cool” to wear it.. or it maybe the only warm clothes they have.  We shop in a rough part of town where the cheap “no frills” supermarket is.  There is a high proportion of Maori in the local area. ( Perhaps compare with native American in the USA… ).  Most parts of NZ are not like this.

My son was returning from a week hunting trip with some city friends, and they were desperate for a beer and decided to stop at a country bar.  The city guys thought they should take off their blaze red.. but my son said it would be OK.  They were shocked (amused) to find that they blended right in.