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What about Black Powder, often much easier to obtain than regular firearms, or air guns maybe, some manstoppers out there in large calibers. A friend of mine has one,not suppose to as he is a felon. But there is no background checks for them either and he’s not on probation so….no visits from LEOs. I wouldn’t want to steer you into any trouble, just saying.
As for “mantraps” I think that falls under boobytraps and thats a big No No as far as Law Enforcement Officers see it. Maybe you could build an awning over your front door that collapses when you pull a rope or something. You could just claim that you’re a crappy carpenter.LoL…
I’m assuming that theres a reason that you can’t have a baseball bat in your home, so just be cool and keep whatever it is that you get well hidden , like buried or kept safely away till **** hits the fan, everyone that screws up is a result of being a showoff.
I had another friend that kept a pistol in his pickup,Never a problem until his tags expired. He got pulled over and out of the blue the cop asked if he could search the vehicle. To my knowledge, he never got his gun back.
Back to the mantraps, well the best of the best are Vietnam era.
Good luck to you Patjoe.