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My kids. I don’t use them as human shields (though there are days!) or make them lie or anything, but just letting them do normal childhood things makes me look like a normal member of the community. Nothing says I’m just like all the other dads than sitting at your son’s baseball game, or coaching a soccer team. Just that, some friendly small talk and smile, have gotten us invited to a lot of social get togethers.

I also only speak about things with people I know are doing the same thing, mostly family. I once made the mistake of mentioning offhandedly to a good friend when the AR prices went crazy after Sandyhook that I was thinking of selling mine. The look on his face told me he couldn’t believe I was one of those “people” who would own something like that. This confirmed to me that I was doing a good job of blending in, but also that I should not let my guard down even around good friends.