Depends who you’re trying to blend in from.

If you want to blend ‘greyman’ style hiding from govt. then you shouldn’t be here, unless you are accessing through a VPN tunneler via tor . . . ;-)

I take it as given that I’m on a list somewhere, or that at least anything I have said could be found and linked to me with enough work/CPU power.
Thusly, I maintain an active wb presence that paints me as a moderate leftist with mildly pacifist hippy tendencies (which is not entirely inaccurate) and am careful not to write anything extremist (particularly nothing racist or religious) on the more ‘out there’ sites like this that i visit.
My auction site buying trail, is possibly mildly odd, but much more prepper/camper/bushcrafter rather than survivalist (which is is what I believe a govt would target, though our govt? I don’t know; we’re not as bad as the states yet)

As far as not sticking out in my community goes, I subscribe to the ‘People need a label’ idea. By this I mean we all try to label people we know, or know of (knowingly or sub-consciously), so through my everyday interactions and social media I provide people with the label that I want them to use for me; namely, “The scruffy/poor looking eccentric who counts every scrap of change and loves books”.
This ties with my survival/thrive-al plan of being an information/skills fixer when TSHTF is past the initial shock stages.
The best disguises don’t blend in – they have something fake that sticks out like dog’s balls that people can’t ignore (but ideally want to ignore as it’s slightly disgusting or unsettling!), then when it is removed you are effectively unrecognizable as people only remember the fake distinguishing feature (wart on nose, blue hair, fake facial tattoo, prominent disfiguring birthmark etc)

In summary, don’t try to hide (not exist\ unless you plan to be perfect at it.) Better to have the ‘mask’ you want the world to know clearly displayed so people mentally file you as ‘just X’ and think no more about it.