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I am really bad at blending in and would like your suggestions on how to correct what I did. Also, this will serve as an example to everybody here of what NOT to do for OPSEC.

Three years ago, I started a permaculture garden in my backyard for extra food. It had a micro-pond for fish and two silent Muscovy ducks for fertilizer and pest control. I made sure to keep the yard clean and tidy. I tried to hide the food crops with flowers and shrubs, but the garden still attracted unwanted attention.

Our next door neighbours have three teenagers. I argued with them about throwing garbage over the 8-foot-high fence onto my crops, stomping on my fruit bushes, and poisoning my fish and ducks by feeding them cigarette butts. The animals died and I had to replace them. The kids’ behaviour continued, so I spoke to their drunk mother twice, and then sent her a warning letter. After they threw fire crackers in my face as I was gardening, I had to call the police. In retaliation, they called Animal Control and my illegal ducks were arrested. I stopped counting the damage they did to my garden when it reached $2,000.

The oldest teenager openly sells drugs in the parking lot next to us. Buyers come to their house at all hours of the day and night by taxi to buy drugs, and they park in front of my house, waking us up. On two occasions, I yelled out the window at them to be quiet. Soon after, the oldest teenager was arrested for possession with intent to sell and put in juvenile detention for a month. All my neighbours think I am responsible for his arrest, but I had nothing to do with it.

So, if SHTF, I will be the first one on their list to attack. They have been calm for the last 6 months, only threatening my family through the fence. But I know they will ramp up eventually. Suggestions?