I’m not sure, I really only know about custom knives. I paid about $370 for the Limited Edition to my door and it’s beautiful. Considering the engineering Ron put in over the years I would rate it at least equal to a quality custom knife.

I would say that a good custom knife would have a better handle. The handle on the LE is perfectly fine but it is not the beautiful sexy finished quality of a good custom. The blade finish however is really great and exceeds what I’ve seen in custom knives. The question is the temper. The factory temper is prolly not the equal of a forged blade from a master bladesmith. However, such a blade would (at least) be 5x this price.

TBH, I really got it on a whim as I would have gotten another normal edition with the bonus anyways. The LE is certainly more beautiful and worth more but I really value utility and the normal edition is more suited to my taste. Not sorry I got the LE but it’s a closet queen.

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