Thanks Whirlibird! Will do.

What I suggest here is to make some kind of border line, of strict rules when you going to bug out. For example OK, I will bug out when they start to use too much violence” or “when civil rights are revoked” or something similar.

Yeah, thanks man. If there is shooting or violence tonight in Bangkok we leave first thing in the morning. This is the red line that will kick everything into action. If not we keep monitoring the situation and leave as planned the day after.

This is one of the best assessments of the situation I have read so far. There are chances for domestic terrorism, it is already happening in the South of Thailand where Muslims kill school teachers and throw bombs at army outposts.

The “good” news would be that this would be focused on Bangkok and we would be far away from this. Of course if too many people get involved there is a chance of having a civil war…

One thing I want to point out is that Im also ready to completely abandon my home here and return to Europe. I will not fight and protect our land here if I realize things are heating up and my family and me could be in danger.

It is great to have this other option and very distant bug out location if Im able to get out quickly enough.

Alea iacta est ("The die has been cast")