No, the economy isnt that good since years here and people are very much used to political unrest. I dont expect that anything happens if not one of the factions tries to fight the military (the red shirts might try this). Chances are they won’t because it would just end in lots of bloodshed.

A retired politics professor from a US university that lives here and I spoke with a few minutes ago expects 1-2 years of a government under the supervision of the military and then elections again.

Anyway, I will stay alert. We are ready to leave whenever and even if there is fighting, chances are the people in Bangkok will NOT leave. We had fighting here before 4 years ago when my friend the reporter guy got shot and nobody left the city.

As long as the supermarkets get food, life goes on… during the flooding 3 years ago things were a bit more dramatic. Some people were leaving.

Alea iacta est ("The die has been cast")