Beautiful example why all theoretical knowledge needs to be put into action!

Its always a very humbling experience when we realize how much we rely on technology in our everyday life.

I learned so much from simply going on solo hikes that I was unable to imagine I would even need to know. This begins with taking a dump in the woods and ends with what to do when your whole equipment won’t get dry but you are 3 days walk from the next proper shelter.

For some people “survival” or “prepping” is too negative. I really understand that. I wouldn’t do all this if my only motivation would be that I fear death. I don’t. I just like simple living, freedom, independence and see the reality for what it is.

gotta be good to stay put at least a month. prepping garden area, digging water pool by creek to create settling pond to filter from. digging latrine off into bush line… have equipment to funnel water and pipe by pvc to generator..se how this works out. …got to go on an errend…will come back soon….

Love your description of what you are up to. Sounds like a busy but quality time.

Alea iacta est ("The die has been cast")