Thanks Ghost Prime, I also saw you private message. Much appreciated!

Book Frank Sharp from Fortress Defense. He can come right to your site in New York if you get together a small group. He also teaches emergency medical care, in case of injury. http://fortressdefense.com/

I travel alone and won’t really be able to get a group together unfortunately.

Well, you got your info on where to go and who to look up…

Bout the only thing I can offer is that you take ONE WHOLE DAY and devote it entirely to shooting fundamentals. Sight picture, trigger control, proper breathing technique, different shooting positions (standing, kneeling, sitting, prone), effective use of a proper shooting sling (M1907 type), use of iron and also optical sights.

You get your fundamentals down, the rest is cake.

My friend who will teach me has done a few tours in Afghanistan and is a gun enthusiast (he is just because of his job in NY which he refers to as “communist state”). We will take his Glock, Shotgun and a SCAR or HK -416 from a friend to the range and practice. Later on once I got my gun and shotgun here in Asia there are local ranges to shoot as well, I just thought it makes sense to learn in the US where the instructions are most likely the most sophisticated you can get.

Alea iacta est ("The die has been cast")