Blending in and becoming a valuable member of the community in the area where I move to is priority number one. People in Thailand stick together against foreigners but we get a special treatment because we are considered rich (which also makes us prime targets once SHTF). Im under no illusion that this is going to be the case.

Why it still makes sense for me to make this move is that people over there are already very very poor. Most people grow most of the food they eat. The crime rate is still very low because those communities stick together. An example is that they kicked out a couple of companies that had built factories and brought too much traffic to the area. They simply got together and blocked the roads so the company couldnt continue to operate and had to close down the factories. There is jungle law already. You steal, you die and they talk about this as if its everyday business (because it is). The other few foreigners who live in this area (some of them over 20 years) never had any problems with anyone stealing or similar because punishment is quick and severe.

I believe that the most likely scenario is a slow economic collapse and thats why this area makes sense. It is a bit of a secluded spot, away from any major highways and in case of an economic collapse these guys simply use their oxen instead like they did 10 years ago before upgrading to a motorized version.

So the first factor is that this place won’t see that many dramatic changes once the collapse speeds up and the second factor is that by then I should have established myself as an asset for the community. Some foreigners already did this in various ways and are highly respected by everyone who matters (village bosses, military and police) and this is without spending any money and just offering their skills or expertise.

Alea iacta est ("The die has been cast")