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I think we are starting to split hairs here. One of the early statements Elijah made is that he was making a blanket statement. There are those that truely have a mental disconnection that makes them a psychopath and there are multiple causes but a majority of the people “diagnosed” as psychopaths are not. They are people who have not been held accountable for their actions. I am an example, not as a psychopath lol but I am a poster child for ADHD. Short attention span, hyper, very active. When I was a child I never took medication, unless my mom using a belt counts. She identified my triggers. Most of them were food related. Sugar of course played a part as well as caffeine and food coloring and whether I had eaten any solid food recently. Give me a coke or anything with red food coloring on an empty stomach and you had instant rocket. I would literally bounce off the walls but instead of saying no you can’t have that anymore she would say”you know how this will make you act. If you will not control yourself you cannot have it.” It took a little while and a few spankings but I finally got the concept. Sometimes I still have to really focus to stay on track but I can do it.

Had my mom not held me responsible I would have never learned. I heard a pastor say something about terrible 2’s one time. He said” That 2 yr old driving you crazy and being bad is not demon possessed. They have reached a point thatthey understand right and wrong and desperately want you to teach them where that boundry is.” If we don’t teach them with responsibility and consistency they get confused on the boundry and keep acting out until the boundry is established. When reality is denied they turn into labled psychopaths as adults but really are still just looking for their boundry. God’s moral foundation is the solution. And there is my 2 cents