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In NZ , Aust, and UK the old  pressure lamp you are likely to find is Tilley.  In common with Coleman, the newer Tilley  (246B) are considered much less robust than the older 246 Storm Lanterns.  Tilleys are kerosene only lamps.  Coleman make both types.. tho the dual fuel types are coleman fuel/ unleaded petrol.   The Coleman instant lite lamps and stoves are useful in that they will use petrol…which may be available after` all the special fuels run out.  The experts usually avoid petrol as it can “gum” up your lamp/stove… but you may have no choice.  Coleman fuel is considered long lasting in a sealed container, and Kerosene is very long lived. ( Petrol is not).  Be sure of your fuel… there are many different names in different countries..the wrong fuel can be dangerous (explosive).  It pays to be “fire” aware whenever you are using these lamps/stoves.

A great site for all pressure lamps is  http://www.classicpressurelamps.com  It is a collectors site but has all the info you will need to identify and restore an old lamp.  These guys are experts.

Pressure lamps are efficient as you are burning the fuel at a high temperature and heating an incandescent mantle, which produces a bright light… perhaps equivalent to a 75W electric bulb.  They also produce a lot of heat… which may be useful in cold places.  But they will use a lot of fuel.. so cannot be a long term lighting solution.