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Yes Ghost Prime, the same goes for me. When I hear the word revolution I think of Communism. So yes it is a bad word. It was not a bad word when the founding father used it but others have made it into a bad word.

I think that right now there is no Republic left. So you are right that we need to restore the Republic. My son was hearing me singing very low without me even knowing that I was singing it today(God Bless America) and he says to me, Dad you know what you are singing and I told him that I didn’t even know till he said something tome.

Then I asked him, do you sing God Bless America at school? He said yes dad everyday in the morning. He goes to a Catholic school, I work hard to pay for his schooling so it made my day!

When I was 5 years old and went to public schools not aloud to speak Spanish, only English! I never found that to be a problem. I am in America so I need to speak in English. Now you can do what ever you want, this is were the problem starts. The Constitution needs to be learned in schools. They have stopped singing God Bless America in many public schools because they do not like that it has the word God in it.

All of this thing need to be restored.