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good info, thanks. For me, I refrain from using the word revolution as like you, I know it can lead to unintended and unwanted consequences.  Whenever I speak of taking our country back, I use the word restoration as that is what we need, to restore our Constitutional Republic as it was intended.  Because our Founders were God fearing men, they said our government was intended for a religious and a moral people, and that it is wholly inadequate for any other type of people. This means that corruption must be ended before we can truly restore our country for as long as criminals control the government (and media, and banks and NGO’s) we will be unable to restore our Republic. That requires us to find a way to arrest, convict and punish every criminal in every office, plus make it so painful to commit crimes in office that no one would even consider committing crimes while in office.  For me, that means any elected serpent convicted of a felony (by an honest court or a people’s court) be executed for treason.

If all we do is to continue to allow the fellow criminals to slap the wrists of their buddies who commit crimes, nothing will ever change unless it would be to get worse.  We must return our country to belief in and following God, make the job of holding office a true service (meaning low pay, no benefits, no retirement, and no lobbying jobs afterwards), make execution the penalty for committing a felony while in office, and give the people a simple mechanism to overrule stupid laws like NDAA, anchor babies, and more, then we can have a chance to restore our country.

I pray God leads us to find that way.

For God, Family, Country, & Liberty!