Darin Prentice
Darin Prentice

the drive went fine, about 3;30 pm i arrived at the meeting point outside of Prince George, met with my partner and carried on to our other partners property some 60 miles away. a few days were spent prepareing equipment and supplys, doing some maintenance on the car, donating some days to helping friends with yard duty, and climatizing myself to the region. i finnaly made it to the camp down below, still a bit of snow and lots of run off. real damp… the trailer was fine, but damp..so i hooked up the fireplace and stoked it up. the fire eliminated the dampness fast. important to do this..you can put up with damp but after time it effects your health drasticaly. food stocks are good for a month, to start. water only good for a week, so off i go to re supply. now i have extra water jugs, maybe a months worth.. now its raining season. last try out i was stuck in the bush for four days till the road dried out enough. gotta be good to stay put at least a month. prepping garden area, digging water pool by creek to create settling pond to filter from. digging latrine off into bush line… have equipment to funnel water and pipe by pvc to generator..se how this works out. …got to go on an errend…will come back soon….

Prepare, Preserve, Protect...