Let’s do the math.

Each manufacturer can make approximately 4 million rounds of 22 a day. 5 days a week, that’s 20 million a week per maker.

8416 Walmart stores. Divide it out, that’s 2376 rounds per week per Walmart store from one manufacturer. Or 475 rounds per day again per manufacturer

So triple that for the three factories manufacturing, Federal/CCI, Winchester and Remington.

That’s still only 1425 rounds per day for each Walmart store. That won’t begin to cover daily demands.

Now factor in backorders, other vendors such as Cabelas, Sheels, the various ammunition online vendors, the mom and pop stores, and you’ve really added to the demand.

As of November 2012, just after the election, two manufacturers admitted being backordered on ammo through mid-2015, and that was before Sandy Hook. It didn’t get any better.

Build more factories everyone cries, it takes on average 2-3 years to build a new factory and get it operational. For what generally amounts to a temporary shortage? The cost doesn’t outweigh the benefits, sorry to say.

Sorry to say, but we are the makers of our own problems.

Those that used to go in a nd buy a couple of 50 round boxes to plink, suddenly started buying bricks. Those that bought bricks, started getting cases. Those that saw others buying everything on the shelf, suddenly did the same when ammo hit the shelf again, and the problem ballooned as each person did the same.

It is supply and demand, right now we are demanding more than they can supply.

Manufacturers dropped many options just to make sure ammo was still being made. Machines have been running almost non-stop to keep up with demand. Now if only the gougers would stop falsely inflating the prices, they haven’t gone up to speak of from the manufacturer, it would be nice.