Selco wrote:
It is not only about people who are failing to “fit in” and assimilate. I am talking mainly about people who are different from the majority of people around them. It can be race and nationality, but not necessary. It could be things like occupation, or expression of different opinions, for example such things like being apolitical or similar. Simply when SHTF people want someone to be guilty, and mostly they pick folks different from them.

I agree completely, and hence my last comment “if you don’t look like a local, when it hits the fan, you will be the first one targeted”.

Most places I’ve lived, the “race” factor didn’t mean as much as other places.In deepest darkest Chicago or Detroit, if you don’t look like a local, you’re a victim now, let alone after SHTF.

Around here, there are those, hispanics for example that fit in and nobody notices, they are part of the community. Then there are those that don’t fit in, that stand out and make trouble for everyone. These will likely be taken care of quickly, by the hispanics that are locals if for no other reason than they make the good ones look bad and they lose face. But then this is a small city (12,000) and everybody knows everybody and most are related in some form or fashion.

One of my customers and friends is black. One of the very few in this area. He grew up here, is a cowboy along with other things. He’s part of the background and goes unnoticed, at least here. Put him in Detroit? Not good, for them most likely.

Me? There are a number of places I could go and at least look like the locals. Other places, like Thailand or other asian countries, I’d stand out like Godzilla, for better or worse.

And if you don’t look like a local, when it hits the fan, you will be the first one targeted.