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The entire subject of global warming or climate change or whatever the criminals in DC call in next week is a LIE. It was fabricated by the Club of Rome back in the ’70’s.  Lookup a report they wrote titled The First Global Revolution. In it they openly state they decided that global warming could be used to manipulate the masses to follow the agenda of the global elitists (I prefer to call them criminals).  A single volcano can emit more gases than the entire world’s industries combined, yet volcanoes have been erupting periodically for eons and the world is still habitable and NOT under water.

This is just one more example that proves how deeply corrupt governments have become.  Perhaps a global movement is needed to remove all the criminals so decent government that truly serve the people can be built.  Yeah, I know it is a pipe dream but I have always thought big. Plus I believe it is needed because the direction the current group of criminals in all government is pushing us is NOT a direction in which I want to go.

For God, Family, Country, & Liberty!