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Ghost Prime, This is one of the reasons that we the people need to stand together for the Constitution and freedom for all. If we don’t all stand together at the end there maybe a new government that will take away all of our freedoms.

History tells us that this has happen and may happen here. In Cuba before Castro there were many dictators which is why there was a revolution and Castro got in power because the people wanted change!

The Cuban people thought Castro was a good man that would bring freedoms for the people. But the people got something much worse then the dictators before. He is still in power with his brother. I came at age 4 and I am 56. He has been in power for more the 56 years. Cuba revolution got the people a Communist Dictatorship!

So we need to learn from what can happen in a revolution, that we may take out the bad government but be careful that what we put in new is the right government and not a dictatorship or Communist.

I know by the comments that Tolik believe strongly in God. He has many reasons why he is mad as hell and I do understand him and I am in agreement with 99% of everything he says and posts. What I want to make clear to Tolik is we will be stronger if we all stand together.

We need to stand strong together for the Constitution and for Freedoms for all. If we do we will win! Tolik what the Communist love is for all of us to be divided because they know this will help them win.

Stand together and we will win evil. God Bless all of us.