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Oh geez….your peppers. I don’t eat peppers but years ago planted 4 kinds, for the first time, for friends. And, I would take the excess (along with other veg/fruits) to our store and set it out for free (and a donation can for a local no kill animal shelter if people were inclined). They were in separate rows. Result? LOTS of surprised people – not always in a good way! Haha. Big, fat green bell peppers (some with reddish patches) that were HOT AS HELL! (Crossed with Jalapenos). Yellow peppers that looked like part yellow/part bell but were sweet/hot. Here’s another thing to learn/think about for SHTF gardening. If you are using heirloom seed, you MUST pay attention to what and when you plant/cross pollination if you intend to save seeds for the next year and think you are going to then be growing the same plant as you did the year before.

Yes Novus, you can be pretty darn sure your peppers are going to cross pollinate and the result will not be what you think. Here – read and print out if you like seedsavers cross pollination chart. But heck – you might develop some new variety you really like.

And, thanks….smile…but I am NO expert….I learn every day, every year in my gardens. Experienced – oh hell yes got the gnarly hands to prove that…but there are many, many people who know tons more than myself! S’what makes gardening and farming so interesting.

Thanks you for the compliment. For whatever it is worth, I am happy to share my opinions and experience if it might benefit someone…but what works for me here, on my little place, where I live may not always work for someone else.

I will reply about my opinion about how much land 2 could work later. Didn’t have time last night. But time is short today…..meantime…I think people interested in producing food for themselves might be enlightened by this little piece by one of my favorite writers, Nathan Lewis…factoids on how many acres is really needed to sustain a family. Love his writing.

PS anyone – one of his main areas of interest is what should/might replace our current monetary system when it collapses (he has no doubt it will) – very easy/interesting – you can download his recent book ‘Gold: The Monetary Polaris’ for free here.