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<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>patjoe wrote:</div>Do you think climate change will be the tipping point for SHTF where you live, or will the cause be something else? How can we prepare for extreme heat, powerful winter storms, and an influx of refugees?

I don’t know what causes ‘traditional’ weather patterns to change. But I do believe they have. I look at my planners with previous years data for the gardens and greenhouse in winter and big changes. Don’t know if change in weather patterns will be tipping point; but do believe it will exacerbate problems. Where I live I don’t worry about climate refugees. I have had to, already, begin changing growing methods (ground here has not quite reached 55 deg F which has not ‘normally’ been the case for this late in May for example – so delayed planting etc) and adjusting schedules and work priorities (increasing the time spent prepping firewood for colder winters) etc.