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Fellow Patriots,

We must stay focused on principles as opposed to emotional issues. After reading the entire series of posts, I harken back to Tolik’s remarks about Nazi’s. I am in total agreement with Tsar Alexander in that I too find Tolik’s remarks disturbing.  Anyone who can find anything positive in the Nazi “solution” which was gas chambers and genocide, raises major alarms for me.  While I am adamantly pro American, I will not tolerate any suggestion that genocide, gas chambers, or other such “solutions” are acceptable in any way whatsoever.  If our movement to restore our Constitutional Republic is to be both valid and successful, we MUST adhere to the principles contained in our Declaration of Independence and our  ORIGINAL Constitution. (An argument can be made that the criminals in government have perverted our original constitution through corruption, extortion, and other illegal/satanic devices.)

So I say to Tolik, while I do agree that the criminals in government must be punished, it MUST be done in accordance with our original Constitution, or it will be no better than what we seek to destroy, that being the unconstitutional and unlawful government who wants to enslave us all.

For God, Family, Country, & Liberty!