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Great topic, one we all need to keep in mind. If one is Blessed to have two true friends, perhaps those two have two others who have two others. In time, your two friends becomes a tribe/family.  Those key members can motivate and serve as examples to others as to what it means to be real friends. Thus they can be catalysts for the development of greater cohesion within one’s group.

Jay, you are so right about loneliness of a crowd. Just being in the presence of people does not prevent loneliness. On the contrary, it can often exacerbate the feeling. It all goes back to human interaction as you rightly said. People, at least most of us, cannot live and thrive without genuine relationships as it is in our nature. I pray that nature will allow those of us who love God, Family, Liberty, and Country to survive and prevail in this war that is being forced upon us.

For God, Family, Country, & Liberty!