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The concept of a common bond makes tremendous sense. As a real life example, Victor Frankel, a survivor a a Nazi concentration camp, wrote from first hand experience that those without a strong reason to live simply gave up and died, while those who had something strong enough that prevented them from giving up survived.

In our case, we may have different motivators though I would be willing to bet that a strong motivator for us all here in America is that we despise what the criminals in government are doing to our country. In addition, we also want our children and their children to be able to enjoy the freedom we have enjoyed for most of our lives. After all, why else are we here on this website and others if we are not deeply concerned about the future of America? For if America does collapse as many predict, we know it will be more painful than any of us can really know in advance, so would it not be enough motivation to band together with other Patriots to make an effort to survive so our values can be passed on to future generations?


For God, Family, Country, & Liberty!