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So I hear the tribe concept offers perhaps the best available approach to building a survival BOL. Even more, the idea of having multiple tribes in a confederation with a mutual defense agreement makes a great deal of sense as it will not make a major target for gangs/marauders, but it will offer the ability to come together in force to defend against a sizable, well armed force of marauders.  10 tribes of 20 to 40 people in relatively close proximity to each other would make a formidable defense. Of course having the group well organized with good comms would be mission critical as the group would have to have to ability to respond to threats rapidly.

Extending this concept even further, is it not possible to build an alliance of 10 confederations comprised of 10 tribes each who will defend each other simply out of the need for self-preservation? Yes it would take time to forge such an alliance but it would be extremely valuable as it would allow for several thousand armed citizens to be fielded simultaneously, which of course would be a force to reckon with.

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