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Great topic Robin. I drew the same conclusion about reading the article in its entirety later. I thank my mom for getting me started in this line of study. I was an only child and got board sometimes. My mom always said when you get board watch peoples noses when they talk. You really don’t notice until someone points it out but our noses do all kinds of weird things when we talk. They flatten out get pointy or maybe nostrils flare. It is comical. Anyway that is what got me started people watching.

Even as a child it is amazing how much you can pick up about someone from their expressions or body language. I had to laugh about the part of the article talking about reading a spouses or significant other. I used to do it to girls when I was high school age. It would really mess with them when I would almost be able to read their minds without them saying much. Lets just say it backfired a few times lol. It is a great skill that takes less practice than you think. Once you learn the indicators it is not hard to spot. It is a skill that can save your life for sure.