Alaskans can’t be totally self-sufficient because it is VERY hard to produce carbs there.  The only grain that is grown up in the Interior is some barley near Delta.  They can grow potatoes south of Fairbanks where we used to live.

The Interior Athabascans used to live on the brink of starvation during the winters, before civilization and Sam’s Club came to Fairbanks.  The Inuit on the coast had a lot more due to bounty from the sea. Most of the sea creatures had lots of fat which kept the Inuit warm (internally and externally) during the winter.  (And the Athabascans could dry and store salmon during the runs. It takes a lot of work all summer to prep adequately for winter.)

But, yes, Alaskans will fare better than most of the world, provided they have the proper tools and equipment to do so, and the strength and energy–and foresight–to work very hard all summer.  Not many do that any more so people will die there too, esp in the cities.  (Anchorage is where half the population lives–and many are on the dole.)