There will be hords of people leaving the cities in every mode of transportation possible. The suburban areas will not be ready for the swarms of looters and a defensible position will be rare. On the Northeast coast of the US there are no areas far enough away to be safe from drifters.

Like you said, I believe there will be bad, worse and worst and all things in between. A “good” place is a hidden underground bunker stocked with food but Im not sure if I would even like to live like that. I think the only thing that is for sure is that the rich neighborhoods will be the worst place to be because that’s immediately where all the looters want to go to.

Everybody seems to think they can high tail it into the woods, mountains, boonies, etc., and make a go of it, these are called refugees. No home, no future. Sorry but not a good option for most.

Absolutely agree. I think a lot of preppers and survivalists are very naive when they build their INCH (“I’m never coming home”) bags or bug out bags and feel good about themselves or have even a BOL but never really lived there.

That’s why I believe like Namelus, it makes sense to move to your BOL if you enjoy the simple life anyway.

Even though gangs are not the people i choose to spend time with i still know who and where they are as well as  some hierarchy you never know when you may have to negotiate. These are all reasons why  moving permanently to BOL soon. I doubt they will make it that far and if they do it wont be in numbers they have now.

In my case, I wanted to live more surrounded by nature anyway, so Im not doing this just because our system is going to collapse sooner or later. Moving to a BOL is of course much harder for many people, depending on their job, their family situation and so on.

There are no easy answers. I think everyone just has to first imagine their “perfect BOL” and then try to take steps to live there. If I would be very attached and fond of city life, Im not sure if I would move to a BOL if this would mean I feel bored and isolated somewhere in the woods just because the collapse is looming on the horizon.

I like your perspective Whirlibird, imagine there is just a slow economic collapse (like whats happening now) and you give up a well paying job to move to the woods and you put yourself into a much worse situation because you believe there will be an EMP or civil war.

Prepping should be really aligned with what you want in your life and not just focus on what you try to avoid or you can’t move towards your goals but keep running away of something that might happen like you think it does.

Alea iacta est ("The die has been cast")