Gents and ladies, we may be looking too deep into this one.

Much is going to depend on the nature of the situation.

EMP, natural disasters,  war, they all create a different answer to the where is better question.

Everybody seems to think they can high tail it into the woods, mountains, boonies, etc., and make a go of it, these are called refugees. No home, no future. Sorry but not a good option for most.

Again its gonna depend on the situation.  Ever try to hide from a FLIR unit?  At least in the city, there are other bodies to confuse and distort the results.

It also depends on where you are. You may be able to gain mutual assistance easier when you are all in the same boat.

Looking at all the possibilities,  Katrina, Bosnia,  Argentina,  etc., again, there is no simple answer.

Is it WROL? Is it economic?  Is it food shortages?  All have different answers yet are SHTF situations.

No matter your choice, good luck.