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We have local gangs with members over the thousand mark, with military  grade weapons explosives and now training. Add to this  body armor and armored vehicles…. unless fighting a military unit  they will roll over them like a speed bump.


in town will not be a safe place if they spot you or worse hear you defending your place  let the others soften you  then  finish you.


You also have the  police and government who will come looking  to “liberate” your supplies under emergency management to distribute to the needy…. what will you do?


we have  prisons near  my area (within 200 km) minimum of 1000 each each are at least 50% gang units.


Even though gangs are not the people i choose to spend time with i still know who and where they are as well as  some hierarchy you never know when you may have to negotiate. These are all reasons why  moving permanently to BOL soon. I doubt they will make it that far and if they do it wont be in numbers they have now.