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Tsar, I have to remind you that the Cubans in Miami are to the right and here will be a problem with close to 2million Cubans and only 250,000 other Latins fron South and Central Americans that are more to the left. The blacks in Miami have never gotten along with the Cubans so that maybe a problem.

Being right wing or left wing will mean little in the future. This will not be some ideological crusade to retake America from an evil “other” side. The “nation” is simply just not…. a nation anymore, rather a collection of nations.

I think the three biggest fault lines will be the Southeast (Dixie), the Southwest (Mexico +, as well as conflict with all the other groups down there, like white ranchers, blacks or Mormons), and “The North,”, which is everything from the Mid Atlantic, to the Pacific Northwest, and the upper Midwest. Generally, the demographics here is relatively homogenous, except in the Mid Atlantic states, where I expect some major warfare, both along racial, and regional lines.

I am not trying to imply I really like or hate any group here, but it seems that we are so segregated in America by class, religion, region, and race, that you start to wonder why should America exist at all if the Federal government can’t write any more checks to pacify us all with welfare (be it personal, or corporate).