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Brother, I suspect you know the answer to your question, though for the sake of discussion, I will say what I believe.

The reason that nothing is being done to stop Ovomit is due to one of two things. One, the traitors in DC are complicit with Ovomit and want what he wants which is the NWO.  They should all be hanged immediately. The other possibility is that there are those in government who are so afraid of Ovomit, so afraid of losing their cushy jobs and free retirement, that they have sold their souls in a feeble attempt to keep their worthless lives at the status quo.

Either way, the traitors are in command so they are the ones who must be stopped. I pray we can end Ovomit’s criminal reign peacefully, though it is doubtful.  In the end, if they want a war, they will get it but they will regret that decision later, maybe at the very moment the floor drops out beneath them on the gallows after a lawful conviction for treason.

For God, Family, Country, & Liberty!