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The problem I see with a city is that once all the resources have been consumed (food, water, etc) they will not be replaced due to the lack of transportation along with the lack of any currency to pay for anything. That is a prime reason I am leaning towards the country, for even though I agree that gangs will search for food wherever they can, without gasoline they can’t travel, and without food and water, they can’t function. Both of those will be gone in a matter of days once the SHTF, so they will essentially only be able to move as far as they can walk.  Moving on foot, they will be under constant fire as those in the country are almost all armed and not afraid to defend what is theirs. So, if one were to be 100 miles or so from any major city, what chance would a gang of 50, or 25, or 10 have of walking 100 miles through heavily defended territory and expect to come out alive? Then, when they got to 100 miles, they would have to face well entrenched, well armed people who are prepared and will be warned in advance that a raiding party is coming. That does not sound like a gang I want to be a part of.

No, I will take my chances in the country with many like minded, determined individuals who are defending everything they have in life.

Am I missing something?

For God, Family, Country, & Liberty!