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To Jay,


My friend, at my point in life there are NO stupid questions. The worst question is the one that is not asked, so ask away.

In all honestly, I have searched for the answer to your question. So far I am not aware of what He has in mind for me specifically. What I do feel most clearly is that He has led me to this point where my love of the principles upon which our country was founded are fierce motivators for me, so much so that I will gladly give my life in the cause to restore our rightful inheritance which is a Constitutional Republic founded solidly upon the principles found in the Bible. Of that one thing I am absolutely certain.  To be clear, I do not enter this fight for myself but for my children and their children, for to do less than be ready to give my life for their freedom would make me no different from the traitors I despise. I know my biological father in Heaven would disown me if I faltered in this task as he spent 2+ years in the Phillipines in WWII fighting the militarists who, like the traitors in the US, betrayed the the principles upon which our countries were founded solely to push their own personal agenda of power at any cost.

So if that is His wish for me, then I submit and take it on wholeheartedly.

Does this approach an answer to your excellent question Jay?

For God, Family, Country, & Liberty!