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I read that bees are responsible for tens of billions of benefit to farmers annually.  Pretty amazing for creatures whose individual life span is only a matter of a few weeks.

Let me go through my list of links as I have a lot. A few I found are very helpful as they have videos where the keeper talks about what he is doing. Also, I found one with a download with tons of info.  FYI, I studied entomology at the U of Houston so I have always enjoyed and been in awe of insects. Bees are one of the most amazing as they have so many behavioral traits that are simply incredible. One of the most well known is how they communicate to the hive when the “hunters” find a big stand of flowers.  They do a dance in the hive that tells the other worker bees the exact heading from the hive that the bees need to navigate to find the flowers. More than that, the dance also tells how far the flowers are!  Now anyone who, after reading that, can still claim that evolution is responsible for this and every other “coincidence” of nature rather then giving credit to God where it belongs, is just plain ignorant.


Then there is the part about what happens to a hive when a swarm leaves the hive with the one queen bee that every swarm has. Well, another huge “coincidence” (not!) is that some of the bees begin to make a very special substance called “Royal Jelly”, which is only made for this very occasion. They then build special cells to hold future queens which are larger than all other cells. Once they do that, they feed to royal jelly to a few larvae in those special cells who miraculously become queen bees! Now go ahead and tell me that was a “coincidence”.  There is NO way but it happens every time a queen leaves the hive.

So let me look through my links and I will send a few that I fell will be beneficial.  Honestly, there is a lot to learn as diseases can be a problem, as can recovering from winter.  We are currently in Ohio which had a sever winter this year with temps of -10 and wind chill of -30.  Bees survived though I read in forums that many hives were depleted which then takes time to recover in spring. As a keeper, one of our jobs is to help the bees as much as possible so there are some food supplements you can place in the hive to help them through spring until blooming starts.

Sorry for being so verbose, but I love the topic of bees plus I am honored to do whatever I can to assist a Marine.  So “bee” on the lookout for more info (ha ha). I will send some links shortly.



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