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Chester – I knew I was missing one of these AK shows, thanks for reminding me!  Actually, I’ve been addicted to all of the AK “reality” shows.  Sure, some of it is probably staged, but the fact still remains that these people do live there and they do survive by their knowledge, tricks of the trade and determination.  Besides, being filled with a bunch of characters that live life to the fullest, I find myself gleaning nuggets of self-reliant living from them while being entertained a bit.

We watch all of the below –

Alaska’s Last Fontier (Discovery) – Mountain Men (History) – Yukon Men (Discovery) – Alaskan Bush People (Discovery)

Agree that they aren’t completely self sufficient, but much more than most.  Add to that they live already in a remote area where the self sufficient lifestyle is a must, thus reducing the amount of leeches to be encountered when things get rough.

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