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Overall, I think all this fear of Martial law is unjustified. For sure the US military could enforce martial law on a single *region*, but not across all of America. If it tried, it would fail. God knows we weren’t doing that great in Iraq, for instance. And in that case, American troops weren’t asked to shoot their own, either.

Great breakdown of those numbers, I agree. The problem is I don’t think they would need to lock down all of the US. Spread the wrong propaganda and show extreme force in one area might be enough to deter others to step out of line… I think before this happens though, there will be steps to keep people fed and entertained and slowly drain their resources and everything else. This is already happening now. The government definitely benefits from ignorant citizen who watch TV series the whole day or escape reality in some other way and are happy with junk food that slowly kills them.

I think overall, while you will see martial law in some places before this country breaks down, overall I am still more concerned about a collapse of order, not excessive order.

I think if you look at what happened in the USSR for instance, Gorbachev and others tried imposing martial law on breakaway republics, but since the whole system was just falling apart owing to it’s own failures,and add on top of that, that a lot of people in the high leadership of the USSR were just outright incompetent (like Gorbachev), and could not understand how to use force in an effective way.

Not saying martial law will not happen at all, what I am saying though, is that I feel a lot of people think martial law will be just this out of nowhere monolith, that will enslave America forever. I personally think Martial law may be imposed on specific regions (mainly in the Southern half of the country, with black and Latino racial warfare, mixed in with right wing movements in the deep south), and it will likely be a last ditch attempt by a crumbling political system to try and maintain a semblance of law and order. But considering how dumb many of our “leaders” are, this will just delay the inevitable.