As you all know from my comments above, I bought one a few years ago.

A few months ago I realized it was the best large commercial knife I had ever seen, absolutely great design and materials … So I got another.

Then I got a bonus at work and I saw there were less available online so I figured I would get the limited edition as a pure knife porn gift.

So I got one, #172 / 500 just arrived last week. I took one good long look at it and I was amazed at the luster on the blade. This is the closest online picture I found (mine is closeted away in the original packaging to be kept as mint as possible).

Yesterday I ordered a kydex sheath and I’m improving the kit.  The Limited Edition did not come with a sheath so I’ll put the newer of the original sheaths in the collection with it and the kydex will become my primary.  I’m going to set it up very close to what you see in the thread above but I’ll prolly downgrade the small knife and add Fuad’s in with the LE Hoodlum.  Also the add-on pouch for the fire-steel and sharpeners is bigger so maybe I’ll add a little more kit like tinder and/or a compass.

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