One thing is that Miami is full of South Americans that are not to good with a gun so they will not do good with the gangs.

That gave me a bittersweet smile. Stay safe. We might have a few more years even before SHTF, do you have any relocation plans for the future?

Bottom line is you have to tribe up with others.

This is something that is way too often forgotten. Personally I do not worry much about my preps (the physical side of things and having the right equipment) I will get them simply by living on our little farm, but becoming a part of the local “tribe”, the local community is the much bigger challenge.

When you look at your potential survival group you will also want a group that is a bit structured with people that can endure some stress and get down and dirty if they have to. This is a lot to ask from “civilized” people these days who have soft hands and feet because they rarely use anything besides a keyboard to get things done.

And even if all this works out, like Selco used to say, then the old guy comes with his ancient rifle and shoots you in the back for a can of food. Game over. This is how complicated survival is and no matter how well you prep can always happen to everyone (unless you completely seal yourself in with preps for 10 years of course).

In my opinion, survival in a city is possible but it is a lot harder and something I would probably only be able to accept for a very short time. The ideal scenario for me is with my tribe, surrounded by other friendly tribes who all stick together and form alliances in an area where we can grow and produce enough food to sustain ourselves.

Even if no collapse would come, I would enjoy this for many other reasons as well.

Alea iacta est ("The die has been cast")