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Fracture lines of different  kinds are always present, in any society. I was recalling Selco’s stories last weeks – in South-Eastern Ukraine they wear different color armbands these days to distinguish among groups of fighters (exactly like back in his besieged city). Why? Because we all speak and look more-or-less alike. No racial cracks there, but we (they) have no problem to create new ones, if necessary.

People are lazy, and therefore will use whatever available to them first. Racial segregation (imposed or just naturally occurring) is already available here in US, therefore it will be utilized. I’ve met numerous good people of every race, and I’ve met some scoundrels among my own kind. It is extremely sad, that even those of us who are currently “color-blind” will be forced to associate and to survive (or die) together with the people of the same color. It will really limit our opportunities in the long term, but in a short term it will be just the easiest, most “affordable” solution.

Funny, how here, in coastal FL, white liberals and Jews, who are constantly preaching equality and acceptance, are more than happily segregating in their currently safe, gated “white flight” communities. The same white liberals and Jews are voting to increase the HOA fees. And I know why they are increasing those – too many working professionals of color have bought houses here recently. Disgusting and disappointing hypocrites, but this is how human nature is. Survive or die, and be prepared to be disheartened in the process…