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I don’t see any state leaving until its bordering states have already made some back room deal to follow suite. Texas would be a huge blow if they left the union. One of the biggest problems Texas has with seceding is that it would wind up with a war on many fronts. Don’t even doubt for a second that Mexico wouldn’t try to immediately take Texas back if we left and with a strong latino population scattered across the whole state it would be a very bloody battle. Then of course we would also be fighting the US gov at the same time. I could even see the US arming Mexico in that battle. The other problem is that most of the states that would help Texas are in the south as well and also have a large cross section of latinos because of migrant field workers and construction hands. So many of those states would have a battle of their own to fight. Then of course, believe it or not, there are liberals in Texas. We might have to deal with them as well. Now don’t get me wrong there are LOTS of great people here that would fight tooth and nail but I don’t think many people realize just how bloody this battle would be. I have heard countless people say they would move to Texas if we were to secede but think about this for a minute. You have a war about to be raging. You’re not sure who you can trust so you shut your boarders down. How are out of staters going to get here? If they didn’t close the boarders where would we house all of the folks flooding in. I’m not saying it can’t happen but I wouldn’t hold your breath. It would take more courage and wisdom than our current state officials have.