No kidding, hey? I didn’t know your area of Europe was susceptible to flooding… Last year, my wife gave me daily updates about the flooding in Germany, etc, since we have family there. I remember it was so bad, where the water breached the levies, they brought in ships and sunk them in the breach to try and slow the water…

Your post is spot-on.. people do the strangest things when threatened with something like a flood or hurricane… some try to make money off of others misfortunes, some folks bug out and say “the hell with my stuff” (since stuff can be replaced), and some suffer from normalcy bias… it never happened to me so far, so it won’t now… those are mostly the folks stuck on rooftops, I think..

With hurricane season upon us, your post is very valuable…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1