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there is no safe place.

I am still unpleasantly surprised with apparent density of population in coastal FL. Miami is terrible from what I have shortly seen (no wonder, “they” where practicing with military helicopters shooting above the city streets some time ago?). Vadim it was funny the way they did that military shooting above! Do they think that the people will not be shooting back! Everyone I know here has an AR 15 or some type of .308, 30-30. Helicopters do go down.

Do you imply Latinos are lousy fighters? I am afraid of them the most, the other “diversity group” indeed will be easy to disperse with few of their heads on spikes above the fence (no offense implied to anybody at all reading this). Vadim, All Latinos are not the same. I do know that the Cubans are armed well. When I go to the range there all there and many are Attorneys and Doctors or business owners and the weapons they own make my weapon look cheap. They go to the range and shoot 1,000 round of .223 when the round was $1 each.

Now some of the other Latins here I am not sure how good they will do. We have a lot of South and Central Americans here, but many do not know what Communism is. We Cubans DO! There are not many Mexicans here. Now you have forgotten that in the South Beach area and up the coast is full of Russian business man with there families too. But this area has changed were now there is Europeans, Canadians, and many Jews in the beach areas.

Did you stock up with DEET sprays for 20 people as well, beside your food and ammo? This place is rotten, not meant for regular people to live in absence of electricity and safe running water (yes, plenty of rainfall, try to disinfect that routinely). I have never used DEET, my wife may need it but bugs run from me. I eat them alive. I lived though hurricane Andrews and can tell you that it was bad but I think in a SHTF it will be bad were ever you are.