Mr. Red
Mr. Red

I believe that we are of little cause to extreme weather (not talking about all the weather modification stuff, just our civilization in general). Matt is correct about the fluctuations of global temperature, and it’s always been that way. Yes we could reach a tipping point to where a lot of ice melts and the oceans rise, but the earth has always bounced back from that, usually with a cooling period.


There are other things that help with cooling, like volcanic eruptions, large fires, and asteroid impact (which, to say the least, is not pleasant).


But to say that humans and their machines are the leading cause of global warming, or climate change which is their new buzz word, is rather, well, stupid.


We’re seeing a lot of extreme weather, not just warming. For instance, we’ve just had a full week in which we finally didn’t have snow. Where as there are bad droughts in the US. It’s a phase, but it doesn’t make it less worrisome.

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