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Historical fact: No fiat currency in the last two thousand years has escaped a collapse.  In the last 600 years in the Western world, no fiat currency has lasted more than roughly 200 years. (Think of Spain, Portugal, France, UK)

Given that total debt as described in the article referenced above, there is no mathematical way the US can avoid a collapse. The only unknown is when it will occur.  One thing which is also certain is that if the US dollar loses its status as the world currency, the collapse will follow immediately.  We also know that many countries have already formed alliances whereby they trade with each other bypassing the US dollar. One such group is BRICS who are Brazil, Russia, India, China, & Spain.  Iran is also bypassing the dollar by selling their oil for gold and other commodities.

The trend is clear; countries are  moving away from the dollar as they all see the dollar as being falsely propped up by the federal reserve. Consider that the FR has been creating $85 billion per month to prop up the dollar. That inevitably leads to further devaluations of the dollar, but it also demonstrates that countries are ceasing to buy treasury bills at auctions leaving the FR little choice but to create the illusion that the dollar is still sound so as to avoid panic.

Of course the collapse of the US dollar is what the globalists want, though they want it to occur when they are ready.  As long as they cannot steal all our weapons, they will be reluctant to allow the dollar to collapse as they know we will fight for we now also know they are criminals and traitors who are willing to commit genocide if that is what it takes to reach their goals.

For the sake of America’s future, we MUST NEVER allow the government to steal our weapons or limit the types we can retain.  If we do it will be game over.


For God, Family, Country, & Liberty!