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If you were to read a paper written by those who are promoting global warming or climate change, would you accept what they said?  In this case, they actually did write such a paper back in the ’70’s in which they discussed the need for a “cause” they could use to manipulate the masses.  That cause turned out to be global climate change which they admit they created so they could manipulate the uneducated masses, leading eventually to their new world order.  Here is a link where you can download that report:


The section dealing with anthropogenic climate change is on page 86.

In the ’70’s, “scientists” agreed that a new ice age would occur if we did not stop pollution. When it did not occur, liars like Al hot air Gore said global warming would raise the level of the oceans and destroy much of mankind. When that was shown to be false, they changed the wording to “climate change” so no matter which way the world changed, they could blame it on pollution from the evil industrial societies, most especially the United States.

Now we know they have colluded to manipulate data, create biased computer “models” that inevitably lead to the conclusions they want, and lie or use the old favorite, name calling, to ridicule anyone stupid enough to even question them.  Scientists have taken hard data to show that a single volcano can spew most gases into the atmosphere than all of mankind’s activities combined, and they have been occurring for billions of years, but the world is still inhabitable.  In the end, it is all a lie to promote their agenda for the NWO so they can enslave mankind.  They will reach their goal too, if they succeed in taking our weapons and destroy America.

We must not let that happen, no matter the cost.


For God, Family, Country, & Liberty!