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Usa has too much  debt  unless you utilize CAFR funds to  fund spending then  no problems but that will require a change of government beyond the two party system now in play.


What is going to crush  USA soon is fact that dollar is no longer  a reserve currency biggest blow will be new russian china  gas deal. With BRICS plus 160 other countries so far looking at new IMF and reserve currency deal with russia and china clearly in control. This means the  now useless treasury and physical dollars, will be returned  to be redeemed for  what they can.. considering outstanding currency  in usd is around 80% of total currency  so what are they going to get when they return their money? It will  create hyper inflation at very least. Last two or so years china slowly backing out of US treasuries  from 2 trillion in treasuries and 1 trillion in cash  to just over ! in treasuries and buying gold , it is going slow so it does not end up with  junk bonds but piss them off  and well…..


The old adage is will where are they going to sell the stuff…. more like why give it to someone who cant pay better to enrich their own people and BRICS members than to give to USA who can only buy on  credit that is not longer good. if they where to change average Chinese to 1/2 way to lowest of mid American level they could use up 5 years of production.


With the currency they have been  buying out all the farm land water rights and infrastructure in USA there is  still more but they have still 2 trillion  to buy with.

The russians have also backed the rouble  with gold awhile back.


All signs pointed to economic Armageddon with  idiots fighting over where they are sitting on the economic  Hindenburg of the economy.

Not a pretty picture