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I am very suspicious of talk like that Tolik, I think it is dangerous.

First, I still like to think idealism in America has some weight. Part of what makes America America, is that you can be anything from a Nazi, to a socialist. It is at the core of our being to have minimal roadblocks to our expression.

Second…. what is exactly a “lib” anyway? These kind of thing’s can get out of hand *VERY* fast. Before you know it, you could have a Committee for Public Safety, wonton purges of millions of people (including many people who are not “libs” at all), and become no better then what you tried to replace.

No doubt I hate the moral crusaders of the militant left–but Auschwitz is not the way.

God knows the mot anti liberal thing we could practice anyway, would be to have actual standards and rules, and to not just succumb to every emotion that comes to us. The real radical liberalism is the legacy of unchecked political romanticism. The conservatives of old had restraint, standards, and vision.

No offense to you Tolik, I like you as a person, but it just hits me the wrong way when I hear talk like that (both left and right).

Besides, logically, from your standpoint–if you really want to get tough on the opposition, Putin, not Hitler, offers both a way more effective, and way more humane and pluralistic model. Why do vivisection’s and gas chambers when a few thugs and some mildly repressive laws would do anyway to deal with radicals?