I wasn’t looking so much at the causation, but the effects afterwards.

I reference Rhodesia,  what it once was, the promise it had.

The raging excrement pile that it became once the commies took over, that is zim. I won’t capitalize it, I won’t spell it out, it is a black hole of corruption and waste. But it is an interesting study in the effects of collapse.

The food and gas shortages,  or lack thereof, the power for hours a week, the public officials making millions upon millions when the rank and file citizens scrounge to get clean water and enough food to eat every day.

That is what we need to fear, to watch and prevent.

South Africa is headed down the same cesspool,  with the backing of every commie terrorist backing (mandela lovers) libtard out there.

And if we don’t do something quick, where will we be?

Harry Reid and the BLM are already redistributing stolen lands,  just like mugabe.

Argentina?  Cutting off foreign currency and seizing the bank accounts,  again a country that was a breadbasket now struggling to feed its people.

We can’t look to anyone for help, we’ve already given it all away.

What we can do on a personal and local level is try to ensure that you and yours, your neighborhood, your town doesn’t sink to those levels.

Pipe dreams? Perhaps,

But as bad as it is, its still better here than anywhere else. And if we take back what is ours, our freedom, our birthright,  our country. Change doesn’t start in DC, it starts inside our front door. Enough people make a change inside that front door, it changes things down the block, then across town, then it just keeps going.

But it has to be positive,  growth, repair. If not, its just another bs bandaid that keeps that train headed over the cliff.

P.S. I had the Grateful Deads “Hell in a bucket” cranked in honor of this thread.